#Arab Spring – Empowering Iran – A note to Obama “Its Game On”

unnamedIs there a connection between Obama’s triple D brand, double-cross and duplicitous dealings on the current nuclear treaty negotiations with Iran and the survival of Iran’s ally Assad in Syria? Even the rise of Iranian backed Iraqi militias since the invasion of Iraq, the overthrow by Iranian backed Shia Houthi fighters of the legitimate government of Yemen and American troop withdrawals or for that matter, the removal from terrorist lists of Hezbollah, Iran’s proxy in Lebanon?


Long before, Ralph Peters and his now infamous 2006 book, Blood Borders, the “remapping of the Middle East,” cast your minds back to 2001 and 9/11, the rise of Osama bin Laden. Anybody who thinks America is benign, that doesn’t think that the horrendous, horrific images of the felling of the twin towers, the fact that Osama, a US created asset, was a Sunni Arab, did not have any bearing on the USA setting up in 2002 the Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI), must be blind. The program, still very much alive, was specifically setup to bring about regime change with special priority given initially to Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Egypt and Bahrain, with Libya added along with Syria as an afterthought. In outline it supported “political Islamic” movements believed at the time to be compatible with U.S. foreign policy objectives in the region. It aim, vindictive retribution against Sunni Arab governments, payback for 9/11 by fostering revolution, using dissidents and activists, exploiting for western consumption and media legitimacy, the bogus democratic gobbledygook of MEPI to ensure the breakup and unity of the Sunni Arab world. Assisted by a conditioning to stimulate reciprocal violence, the program has had partial success in initiating a regression, a redefinition of political boundaries.

“U.S. State Dept. Document Confirms Regime Change Agenda in Middle East”http://mebriefing.com/?p=789 based on just-released U.S. State Department documents obtained through a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit.

But the outcomes we know, a bloody mess throughout, one that can only get worse before we can ever hope it will get better. In Libya in was done by force of arms to create a vacumn for rival groups to fill the void. In Egypt by support of the Muslim Brotherhood before military intervention put them in their place. In Bahrain it was by siding with radical Shia theocrats long disguised as political opposition leaders. Fragmentation, civil war and sectarianism, the spectacular fall of the brotherhood, the even more impressive rise of ISIS or Daesh; the veracity of the connectivity between the activities of MEPI program to violence within small geographical entities now rising from the chaos of the Middle East is there for all to see. It is beginning to look as if Ralph Peters with his map is the reincarnation of Nostradamus himself?

MEPI is the guiding force behind current US Middle East foreign policy; continue to stir the pot, a bomb here a bomb there, confront the Sunni Arabs, from conservatives to jihadists alike, as was the case in Yemen. A active program to confront extremists Sunni factions but as soon as Iranian backed Shia insurgents escape the cage, the US pulls the plug, withdraws its troops and assistance for fear of having to confront Iran. Massive media campaigns to ensure the depravity of the jihadist, of Daesh is used to tarnish all, to create an Arab Islamophobia, tar all with the same brush. Finger pointing depictions, representations of Arabs as the debauched, dictatorial and draconian; using Sharia Law as a tool of repression, of tyranny. Carefully ignoring the barbarity, the abuses of any Iranian backed entity and of course of criticizing Iran itself beyond the nuclear debate. An endless crusade of hype against the Arabs states using every tool, every channel available, a disproportionate tirade of hogwash perfectly coordinated and specifically engineered to ensure that with enough crap thrown some will stick. Meanwhile Obama sits on the sidelines plays referee, its game on for him, he has no intention to defeat Daesh, they are more useful alive than dead; the perfect propaganda tool as he pushes on to clear the way for the establishment of a Shiite crescent from Tehran to Beirut, Ralph Peters map in hand.

What we are seeing in Geneva is Iran milking the fatted calf, no chance of milk mind just Iran wanting a lot more meat from the bone, a mini epic in the making. For Obama the peace laureate who has waged constant war, the man who failed to shut Gitmo, failed to deliver “yes we can” but delivered the Arab Spring, it is all about his legacy. For the man who killed Osama, brokering political détente with Iran, regardless of nuclear fallout, the empowerment of the Shia Iran as retribution for American perceptions of Arab Sunni support for 9/11, now that might just enshrine his legacy, at least in the annals of American history.

Today led by Saudi Arabia military action in Yemen has began – Obama is watching but will he have noticed that it is time to blow the whistle and stop MEPI stop empowering Iran – today he must surely realize that there is another game in town!


Institutions part of/or supporting the MEPI program;

Project on Middle East Democracy (POMED), Council on Foreign Relations, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, Lantos Foundation for Human Rights and Justice, American Enterprise Institute, Freedom House, Americans for Democracy and Human Rights in Bahrain, Human Rights Watch, National Democratic Institute, the National Endowment for Democracy, RAND Corporation, The Brookings Institution, Physicians for Human Rights, Human Rights First, Amnesty International, Reporters Without Borders, Just Foreign Policy, Foreign Policy Initiative, Center for American Progress, Foundation for Defense of Democracies, Hudson Institute, Peace Action West, Alliance for Peace building, New America Foundation, German Marshall Fund, Transparency International, International Republican Institute,  International Women’s Media Foundation –

Academic institutions have not been listed

but otherwise by no means a complete list so if I missed anybody I apologize.

“U.S. State Dept. Document Confirms Regime Change Agenda in Middle East”,


based on just-released U.S. State Department documents obtained through a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit.

Obama Plotted to Destabilize Regimes in Bahrain, Egypt –


Redistricting the Middle East Westphalian Post – published 2011


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